Elisabeth und Christoph


Hi and welcome to the site of Lisa and Chris. We are proud to present you some parts of our life in case of news, pictures, videos,... If you have any questions on our stuff, don't feel ashame to ask. And now - have fun!!!

Pleas indulge - site is still under construction.


06. Juli 2009 - visit the guestbook.

To give you the chance to comment our site - or just to say hello - we added a guestbook. Please take a moment and write some words before you leave!

Take a look to the gallery, there are some new pictures of our honeymoon!

14. June 2009 - www.chrili.at goes online.

Finaly we made it up - www.chrili.at is ready to go to the world wide web. Enjoy what you see and come back to check for news. Don't forget to make an entry in our Guestbook - no matter if you are a friend or an anonymous visitor who just came across our site! Ideas for improvement are always welcome!